About Afrika Eye

Founded in 2005 by Simon Bright and Ingrid Sinclair, Afrika Eye aims to promote the richness and diversity of Africa and its diaspora through film, education and cultural exchange.

Specifically we aim to:

  • Offer access to a wide range of films not generally available through mainstream programming often challenging stereotypes and myths.
  • Offer a broader context and deeper understanding of film arts and culture , through participation and learning events.
  • Offer insight into specific countries of Africa through their politics, society, traditions and beliefs.
  • Celebrate the significant creative role that Africa plays in todays social, cultural and political landscape.

We pride ourselves on:

  • Our annual film festival with associated educational and community events.
  • Our partnerships with national/ international film festivals, independent film hubs, graduate programmes and film schools.
  • Using our festival as a platform for presentations, debate and discussion.
  • Recognising the wider cultural context that informs ‘the film’.
  • Creating a strong volunteer programme for each festival and offering internships in curatorial practice.
  • Devising opportunities for engaging communities, educational establishments and youth organisations.
  • Capacity building within communities with film and related arts based activities.
  • Offering audiences the opportunity to participate in discussions, to explore the lived experience as well as the creative practice.