Jamaican Dance and Mask Making

Posted by on Oct 23, 2012

Saturday 10 November


Mask making Jamaican style with Dave Cox (ages 8–12)

Inspired by Jamaica’s rich musical history, Afrika Eye have joined forces with the WOMAD Foundation for a double bill of workshops leading to the all-new Afrika Eye procession. Artist David Cox uses Jamaican album covers as inspiration for kids aged 6-12 to get creative and make their own masks.

Tickets: £2.50 from the Watershed.



Jamaican dance with Ripton Lindsey (ages 13–18)

At this WOMAD Foundation workshop, Ripton teaches his own special brand of traditional and modern Jamaican dance techniques.

Tickets: £2.50 from the Watershed.




Mask and Dance Parade

Following the above workshops, participants parade their new masks and dances through the bar, out along the Harbourside and back into the next part of the Afrika Eye film festival programme.